CUD Hosts First “Big Data” Science Workshop

April 16th, 2018: The first event in a series of workshops focused on handling data was held at the University for an audience of CUD faculty, representatives from other Universities and our students.

Organized by Dr. Firuz Kalimov and Dr. Giulia De Masi from the Department of Engineering and supported by the UAE branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the event covered the latest trends in data handling.

Mr. Aoun Lutfi from IBM presented “From Data Science to Al,” a student-centred delivery outlining the software and skillset required for data handling. He spoke about his career in the industry and the changes that the industry has experienced over the previous decades.

Dr. Mohammed Mehedy Masud from UAE University, Alain introduced the delegates to “Intelligent Healthcare.”

Dr. Giulia, Associate Professor, addressed issues surrounding “machine learning methods in engineering and their application to corrosion assessment.”

This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Firuz, Assistant Professor, who outlined the “pitfalls of feature selection using the χ2 statistic, a method for differentiation between dependent and independent variables.”

After lunch, Dr. Amir Ahmad from UAE University, Al Ain addressed “clustering techniques for mixed categorical and numerical datasets.”

The final session was led by Dr. Faten Kharbat from the Al Ain University of Science and Technology and focused on “learning classifier systems and their applications.”

Speaking after the event, Dr. Firuz said he was happy for the opportunity to explore this topic in CUD and expressed the hope that this would be the first workshop in a series of events covering similar topics over the next few years.