CUD hosts FUNDXB University Roadshow

Canadian University Dubai played host to the 7th episode of FUNDXB University Roadshow, a global event series that features various speakers and their stories about professional failure.

The aim of this initiative is to promote acceptance of failure and generate a culture of inclusion and transparency.

There were five guest speakers at the event:

Abbas Muntaser, CUD Alumnus, who is currently the managing director of European Seafood, a Dubai-based seafood supplier company.

Hashem Salem, CUD Alumnus, general manager of Bin Owais Holdings

Amman Akhtar, an entrepreneur based in Dubai, who has formed several successful initiatives inclined towards mobility and technology.

Andreea Zoia, a presenter, inspirational speaker and confidence coach, who works with executives and employees of multi-national corporations to improve their confidence and communication skills.

Danielle Francisco, founder & managing director of Dan Media Group, a B2B marketing agency that helps companies with their tradeshow, corporate events and content media production.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Sam Kherat, Dean of Graduate Studies, Research and Incubators at Canadian University Dubai, discussed how by combining entrepreneurship training and business education, students can develop the practical skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow them to innovate.

Dr. Sam also commented, “I believe it is important to create the right conditions for the younger minds to express their creativity, while at the same time confronting them to the realities of the corporate world. This requires new methods of teaching and learning that promote practical experience. Curricula must be dynamic and original to appeal to younger generations. With a disciplined entrepreneurship education, students’ curiosities, creativity and passion are the raw materials of tomorrow's world. I can say with confidence that our students will use them wisely to create the future.”