CUD Hosts One of the World’s Distinguished Architectural Cultural Global Events | 2A Continental Architecture

Dubai, UAE, November 18th – 19th,2022:  The Canadian University Dubai (CUD), in collaboration with 2A Continental Architecture, hosted the annual 2022 global cultural and awards event:  2A Continental Architectural Cultural Event and Awards (2ACAA).   The themed event Innovative Contextual Architecture in the Continents was well-attended by local VIP dignitaries, well-renowned guest speakers, educators, architects, designers, and students.  The festival was a confluence of the greatest minds in the architectural world. 

"Architectural competitions are a manifestation of the role of architecture in solving communities’ problems – addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges. They are forums of innovation that push the boundaries of architects’ and designers’ creativity beyond frontiers to bring their out-of-the-box ideas and novel concepts into reality.” Dr. Maha Salman, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Interior Design, The Canadian University Dubai.

The 2A Continental Architectural Event is an inspiring opportunity to promote regenerative strategies, new design concepts and sustainable innovations.  CUD shares the values of this well-known annual architectural global event, which is comprised of trending, contemporary projects with forward-thinking experts in the industry.  The event displayed an exhibition of several selected architecture and urban design projects, which were exhibited in CUD’s Auditorium.  This renowned event provides CUD’s pioneering students with a platform of opportunities to experience world-class architectural projects and to connect with leading global experts in architecture. 

“As an architecture student seeing such an innovative and creative ideas, coupled with problem solving skills that are implementing what we study in theory was amazing.  It was a pleasure meeting all these experts who belong to the same profession as I.”  Farah Helal, CUD Student, Faculty of Architecture and Interior Design

For two days, the global event provided an interdisciplinary ‘2A ArchTalk’ forums to spark creativity through the exchange of ideas between more than 20 distinguished architecture and design professionals and educators.  The forums included topics of: New Technologies, Applied Methods, New Paradigms in Education, and Rethinking Creativity in a Changing World and Global Influences.  The cultural event provides CUD’s students to witness high-quality research from several experimental, conceptual, and constructive architectural practices. Discussions between dynamic architects, urban planner, and designers sparks a remarkable evolution in methodologies and professional techniques, where answers to various challenges are provided.  

The event finale was the awards ceremony that honoured the excellence in architecture – A panel of international experts in the jury evaluated and recognized selected projects with the esteemed 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA).  Two of CUD’s faculty members, Dr. Constantin Victor Spiridonidis and Dr. Maha Salman from the Faculty of Architecture and Interior Design formed a part of the internationally and well-renowned jury with Kourosh Salehi, Moon Hoon, Cristiano Luchetti, Agnes Koltay, Shahram Agaajani, Rajeev Kathpalia and Fabian Kahr. 

“2A Arch Talk gave me the opportunity to recognize new concepts and ideas from others. Architectural competitions play important part of innovation in this field.  The creative projects were unique and provided original solutions – helping me to think about my future designs. Problem solving in design is valuable." Rawan Musallam, CUD Student, Faculty of Architecture and Interior Design

The work from various organizations and individuals who have made a significant contribution to the field of architecture were awarded and celebrated. The distinguished projects won 1st, 2nd place, with honourary mention.  Dr. John Newark, CUD’s Executive Vice-President handed out of the winning awards to celebrate the spirit of architecture. The winning projects can be viewed here: 2ACAA 2022 Honourable Mention Projects – 2A (

“2A Continental Architectural Cultural Event is a festival of architecture – providing architects, professionals, researchers, and students to meet and exchange new ideas to drive innovation in Architecture.  The global event is a testament to witness the transforming power of Architecture.”  Dr. Maha Salman, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Interior Design