CUD innovators to work-shadow executives at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

February 26th, 2019: A team of students from Canadian University Dubai (CUD) have been awarded the opportunity to work-shadow executives at Bank of America Merrill Lynch following their win at an Innovation Day Camp hosted recently on campus.

Thirty five students from diverse majors in CUD attended the event organized by Dr. Joanna Seraphim, Assistant Professor and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ambassador at the University. The Camp was facilitated by INJAZ, a youth-centered, non-profit organization established in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 1999.

The event began with a presentation by a Master Trainer, Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist, who gave the students valuable advice on how to be innovative and develop entrepreneurial skills using real life examples.

After the presentation, the students broke up into project teams, each supervised by a Mentor from Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) senior staff. Their task was to develop an innovative and lucrative business idea which would satisfy CUD's stakeholders (professors, students, parents, and the wider CUD community).

Having developed and idea, the students were allocated five minutes to present a creative poster in front of a panel of judges chaired by BAML Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Fares Antoun. This involved highlighting the problem, explaining the solution, and identifying the budget requirements for implementation.

The judges were impressed by the quality of the presentations and the hard work of the students given the short timeline to complete.

The winning team consisted of Aliya Talipova, Ushna Bagobin, Shaheen, Rania Basem Ramez , Desale Berhe, Saron, Desale Berhe, Mieri ,Abukhalaf and Thaer Tariq. They were mentored by Ms. Rose Suliman. Their proposal was for an APP for students who, if they missed a class, could access the content and communicate with their professors.

Over, 1.9 million young people have benefited from participating in INJAZ activities since its inception. This non-profit organization focuses on developing skills of the youth in four main thematic areas: Financial Education, Life Skills, Business and Entrepreneurship and Employment.