CUD President Presents Canadian Perspectives in Learning at World Education Summit

March 28th, 2016: President and Vice Chancellor of Canadian University Dubai, Pr. Karim Chelli, has been sharing his expert insights into the Canadian system of higher education at the sixth annual World Education Summit, held recently in Dubai.

Speaking under the theme ‘Learning from the Big Four global education destinations’, Pr. Chelli shared his experience of working across a number of academic institutions in Canada, a country that is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading nations in the higher education ecosystem.

Pr. Chelli’s prepared address focused on the key elements that define Canadian higher education, including the regulatory, legislative and quality assurance frameworks that set the standards for the system.

His presentation to the audience of senior policy makers and practitioners ultimately concentrated on the factors that distinguish Canadian higher education on the international stage, including how the methodology for learning validation is central to the success of graduates of the Canadian system.

Pr. Chelli said, “The Canadian model is built upon outputs, rather than inputs. Learning outcomes are the backbone of the system, meaning that students must demonstrate the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies against a verified matrix.

“Graduates are therefore better equipped for employment as job-related capabilities have already been assessed during their higher education. This system supports validation and accountability, and with the harmonization of learning outcomes, promotes recognition, advancement and lifelong learning.”

Pr. Chelli was among a lineup of distinguished speakers invited to address the Summit, which brought together government officials and senior representatives from top institutions to exchange ideas on the future of global higher education.