CUD Represented at Make Smart Cool Event Dwtc

 Dubai, UAE, September 29, 2017: Students from all over UAE attended the Make Smart Cool event in DWTC. This was an inspirational event filled with learning, fun, music and much more! Motivation, inspiration, life changing education and a fun, delivered in a cool yet SMART atmosphere including Music held the audience attention from 4.00pm until 11.00pm.

The event was a mixture of recognized motivational speakers who were able to relate with their young audience.

The aim of the event was “Fun for all ages,” ensuring delegates left with the information, tools and strategies they will need to lead a positive life in school, work and family.

Speakers included Prince Ea who focused on the many ways to generate passion and motivation when it comes to learning; Khalid Al Ameri, an Emirati columnist and presenter shared his own personal experiences and spoke about personal development in the education and business sector and Jean Pierre de Villiers spoke about how to become the best version of yourself giving more energy, confidence, freedom and success to genuinely live an extraordinary life.

Music was provided by Example with DJ Wire and the crowd sang and danced to the music with CUD balloons floating through the air.

Free places were allocated to CUD students who turned out in force for the event. Many school leavers and students from other Universities came to our stall and expressed an interest in finding out about CUD. We were the only University there. The event was vibrant exciting and full of positive energy and the crowd dispersed at the end of the event on a high.

Speaking after the event, Ms. Awfa Mustafa, General Manager of NAJAHI, expressed her thanks to CUD for taking part and helping make the NAJAHI vision a reality. She hoped that the relationship between CUD and NAJAHI would grow in the future.