CUD Student Mohamed Amir Wins PwC Academy's COP28 Impact Makers Challenge

January 24, 2024 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates: In a significant achievement, Mohamed Amir, a student at Canadian University Dubai’s (CUD) School of Management, has won the highly esteemed PwC Academy's COP28 Impact Makers Challenge. This challenge, a pinnacle event in the realm of climate action, provides a platform for aspiring individuals to showcase innovative solutions addressing critical environmental issues. 

Mohamed’s success in this challenge underscores the real-world applicability of the skills he cultivated at CUD. The COP28 Impact Makers Challenge specifically focuses on fostering strategic problem-solving, effective collaboration, communication, and critical thinking—all of which Mohamed credits as the foundation of his experience. 

The challenge serves as an impactful initiative, urging participants to propose innovative solutions and address pressing climate concerns. Mohamed’s ability to navigate and excel in this competitive landscape not only validates his individual prowess but also showcases the transformative power of education and dedication. 

"This experience not only fueled my victory but also fueled a passion within me to further apply and refine these skills in my future career endeavors,” said Mohamed. 

CUD is immensely proud of Mohamed for this remarkable accomplishment. This victory exemplifies the impactful contributions that our students can make towards global climate action efforts and reaffirms our commitment to nurturing a new generation of leaders ready to address the complex challenges facing our world.