CUD Students complete Job Shadow Day

April 17th, 2019: Following on from the highly successful Innovation and Entrepreneurship Day Camp in October, in cooperation with INJAZ, ten CUD students, Aliya Talipova, Ushna Balgobi, Foroogh Kamal Marei, Khalifa Nasser Ali Mohammed Alzaabi, Mika Schreiber, Hananeh Mohammad Arasteh, Mohammad Farahmand Nia, Simran Dsouza, Obaid khalifa AlSuwaidi and Richa Chawla were invited to attend a Job Shadowing Day at Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) in DIFC.

The students were from Class GED 140, Entrepreneurial Theories and Practice, led by Dr. Joanna Seraphim, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences, Department of Communication.

During the INJAZ Camp, students were required to make presentations to a panel of experts, the winners being being invited by BAML to follow executives in their daily roles.

The students had the opportunity to experience the different sectors of the banking business including investment banking, equity sales, transaction banking, finances, regulatory compliance, and corporate banking affairs.

To conclude their day, professionals from BAML reviewed the students ' CV’s and held mock interviews to prepare them for their future careers.

After the event, the students felt the day had been worthwhile and felt they had gained greater knowledge of the internal workings of a bank. They said that the mock interviews gave had provided  them with many useful tips on how to present themselves at interviews which would give them the vital edge when it came to real interview situations.

Dr. Joanna thanked BAML for the opportunity afforded to our students and felt the experiences they had gained would stand them in good stead in the future. She hoped that many more such opportunities would be available to our students as experiencing the real world of work would be a useful addition to their studies.