Dazzling Opening Ceremony Heralds Heritage Exhibition Week

October 21st ,2018: Accompanied by the sounds of traditional Emirati music and the smell of fragrant oud permeating the air of Hall C, a dozen heritage-themed stalls set up their wares.

The owners of these stalls, mostly dressed in the time-honored old Arabian garb of abayas, and kandoras ,were friendly and accommodating, offering a variety of customary items synonymous with Arabian heritage.

One stall sold beautifully elegant hand-woven bags, while another offered elegant, aromatic perfumes inspired by the classic scent of oud. Students were happy to have the opportunity to sample these classical wares, normally only found in UAE’s niche bazaars.

The event was well organized and well-received thanks to the coordination and cooperation of the Ousha Bint Hussein Cultural Center, who organized it in conjunction with CUD. Present at the event was Dr. Mouza Ghubash, Head of the Sociology Department at the University of UAE, a widely recognized figure in the field of education.

Cutting the ribbon was Mr. Khaled Ghubash, Executive Director at Ghubash Investments, an acclaimed Dubai business firm. The coverage that this event received on social media was incredible. One of the members of Lama Events, performing on that day, said that “he who doesn’t have a past, doesn’t have a present.” He stressed the need to emphasize the importance of maintaining our ties to our heritage, and keeping that torch lit for future generations.