Environmental Students Visit Dubai Hazardous Waste Facility

October 17th, 2018: As part of their course,students from Management of Domestic and Hazardous Waste (ENV 407) class visited Dubai’s Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility, accompanied by Course Lecturer Mr. Rashed Karkain.

During the visit, the students were briefed by the officials responsible for the operation and management of the facility and learned about the management of Hazardous Wastes in Dubai.

They were able to follow the process from the point of generation through to the permitting system, monitoring and control and eventually the environmentally sound treatment and safe disposal.

Students were also able to visit the Medical Waste Incinerator, an award-winning project in the Dubai Government Excellence Program (2010). This facility accommodates all medical wastes from the city of Dubai, incinerating them in a controlled manner utilizing proper pollution control systems to prevent the emission of toxic gases into ambient air.