Innovations in Aerospace Systems: Dr. Krishna Kumar's Lecture at Canadian University Dubai

January 24, 2024 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The School of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology was privileged to host Dr. Krishna Kumar for a lecture titled "Innovations in Aerospace Systems – Fault Tolerant Control, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics." Dr. Kumar, Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Director of the Artificial Intelligence for Aerospace Systems (AIAS) Laboratory at Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada, is a prominent figure in aerospace engineering and provided deep insights into this dynamic field.   

Key highlights of Dr. Kumar’s lecture included the integration of AI, big data, and predictive analytics in smart aircraft/spacecraft systems for enhanced fault detection and recovery. He detailed the complexities of reaction wheels in spacecraft attitude systems, including non-linearities and motor disturbances, and the application of advanced estimation methods like Unscented Kalman Filters and Particle Filters for fault isolation. 

A notable aspect of his lecture was the case study on the Kepler Mission Spacecraft. The session also spotlighted Dr. Kumar’s innovative design of a smart lunar lander, emphasizing its precise power descent and fault-tolerant control, poised to revolutionize lunar missions. 

Ending with a lively Q&A, the lecture provided valuable insights into current trends and future directions in aerospace systems, a topic of growing importance in the academic and professional worlds, especially relevant to the UAE's focus on space exploration. 

We extend our deepest gratitude to Dr. Kumar for his enlightening presentation and the valuable discussions that followed, enriching our understanding of aerospace advancements.