New Elective course being introduced by the Departments of Architecture and Interior Design

December 10th, 2018, CUD Red Theatre: Medy Navani, CEO of DesignHausMedy visited the university as a guest speaker to address faculty and students of the Departments of Architecture and Interior Design to introduce an elective which is being offered in spring- DESI 329.

DESI 329 is a course that explores the future of retail. It aims to examine theories and future trends in retail spaces through an interdisciplinary lens with the aim of understanding where the industry is heading and its implications for spatial design, marketing and retail technology.

This course is open to all CUD students as a free elective. It is also a great opportunity for students to work in an interdisciplinary environment and bring their particular subject knowledge to the project. Portfolio submission is required. For further details; please contact Ms. Chloe Bennet, Head of Department of Interior Design at