Over 30 Businesses Participate in CUD's Annual Career Fair to Inspire Students' Career Exploration

Dubai, March 16th, 2023: Canadian University Dubai (CUD) organized and hosted the annual 'Industry Career Fair & Networking Event', which welcomed over 30 national and international organizations. The event's primary objective was to facilitate meaningful interactions and exchanges between CUD’s students, graduates and potential employers. The fair showcased various employment, part-time work, and internship opportunities available to both current students and graduates. 

Leading up to the ‘Industry Career Fair and Networking Event’, students received guidance on how to interact and engage with prospective employers.  These mini precursor sessions included topics:  How to present well by dressing professionally and making a positive first impression, conducting thorough research about the targeted company, devising a distinctive and professional approach to stand out to the employers, and how to expand professional networks through LinkedIn. 

This year's attendance to the 'Industry Career Fair & Networking Event' was a clear indication of the UAE's thriving employment market, particularly for graduate-level positions.  Over 300 students took the opportunity to market their skills to high profile organizations from both public and private sectors.  The fair attracted businesses from a dynamic range of fields, including retail, healthcare, aviation, banking, recruitment, real estate, architecture, engineering, and technology – due to CUD’s diverse degree programs from four undergraduate schools.

Among this year's recruiters was former CUD student Naira Abdelhafez, who attended the Fair to represent her existing employer, Nextcare Allianz Partners, in the role as Talent Acquisition Lead. As a graduate of CUD's Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management, Ms. Abdelhafez knows what it takes to find the perfect job.  Ms. Abdelhafez said: “My love for Human Resources stems from my passion for connecting and interacting with people. Understanding individuals is key to implementing best practices within a company, finding the right fit for the organization, and ensuring employee satisfaction.”

Exhibiting at CUD’s Industry Career Fair & Networking Event as an employee of Kalvad, Mr. Ahmad Nofal, also a former CUD graduate from the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in Telecommunication degree, said: “During my journey at CUD as a student several years ago, I acquired the fundamental abilities and expertise necessary to thrive in my career.  The Career Fair hosted by CUD some years ago also introduced me to my current employer, Kalvad, for which I am grateful.  I am honoured to be a part of the Kalvad team.”

Mr. Nofal further said: “Now, participating as a recruiter at CUD's Industry Career Fair & Networking Event, it is truly inspiring to see the next generation of CUD students who are brimming with energy and fresh, innovative ideas.  The passion and drive displayed by these students during our interactions underscore the quality of education that CUD provides.  For current CUD students, I encourage you to grasp every opportunity that arises, whether it's a project or internship, as these experiences can help you develop your skills and grow your professional network, which is essential in today's competitive job market.”

A wide range of employment and internship opportunities were on offer to students and graduates, with several companies conducting interviews for immediate and forthcoming vacancies during the career fair itself. Fouzia Lkbiech earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Digital Media and Journalism degree from Canadian University Dubai (CUD) several years ago and now as an entrepreneur was participating at CUD’s Industry Career Fair and Networking Event. Moreover, Fouzia harbours a strong enthusiasm for contributing back to her community and eagerly invited students from CUD to undertake internships in her digital marketing business.

Speaking after the event, Ms. May El Khoury, Career Services and Internship Coordinator, said “this had been the most successful career event to date, and we thank participating employers and enthusiastic students.  I am very proud of our students as I received a lot of positive feedback from the employers who are now faced with the challenge of how to narrow down their candidate lists.  Feedback from the exhibitors was very positive and they had expressed their confidence that many of the interviews would lead to positive outcomes for the students.”

Since the previous 'Industry Career Fair & Networking Event', the CUD Job Portal remains open for students to register.  This online platform is an inhouse-created-platform. It serves as a one-stop-shop for CUD students and fresh graduates to accelerate career growth and discover exciting part-time work, graduate positions, and internship opportunities. By registering on the Job Portal, students gain access to a range of career advancement tools that help make a smooth transition into the workforce. 

For more information about CUD’s career portal offering various employment, for part-time work, and internship opportunities to both current students and graduates, connect with Ms. May El Khoury, Career Services and Internship Coordinator.