Successful Entrepreneur in Digital Marketing | The Success Story of Canadian University Dubai's Journalism Graduate

Dubai, March 21st, 2023: As part of her self-discovery journey, Fouzia Lkbiech earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Digital Media and Journalism degree from Canadian University Dubai (CUD). Her studies fuelled her career during her journey of digital marketing, enlightening her entrepreneurial spirit, and eventually finding fulfilment in building a prosperous digital marketing enterprise.

Prior to her studies at CUD, Fouzia began her professional journey as a cabin crew member for Emirates Airline, drawn to the opportunity to travel and interact in a multi-cultural global community. However, as she settled into family life, she made the bold decision to pursue higher education at Canadian University Dubai. Initially considering Interior Design and Advertising programs, Fouzia ultimately discovered her true passion in Journalism. 

Right after her graduation from CUD, she secured an internship position at a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, working as a Copy Writer.  Fouzia worked closely with a team of experienced marketers who were patient and willing to share their knowledge with her. They taught her about the latest marketing tools and techniques and helped her develop her own unique approach to digital marketing. Her dedication and hard work earned her a promotion to an Account Manager position at the Digital Marketing Agency, where she honed her skills in market trends and needs.  Through this role, she acquired valuable practical experiences and gained insights into the industry. She was exposed to a dynamic work setting where meeting deadlines and creativity was key.  

Fouzia was particularly fascinated by the data-driven nature of the industry. She learned how to analyze metrics and use insights to improve marketing strategies. She was also impressed by the way the team prioritized customer experience, always putting the needs of the audience first.  During her internship, she had gained valuable skills, made important connections, and discovered a passion for digital marketing. She knew that her experience at the digital marketing business would serve her well in her future career, and she felt grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in such a supportive environment. 

Her passion for entrepreneurship continued to thrive. Recognizing that strategic planning and exceptional organization are key to success, she established a digital marketing business from her home. With an initial client base of seven, she went on to hire five employees. More recently, Fouzia and her team expanded their operations by opening an office space in Business Bay, Dubai. 

Fouzia, the founder of ‘Sponge Digital Marketing’ offers a comprehensive digital marketing solution that covers various aspects, such as website creation, social media optimization, content generation, copywriting, advertising across different platforms, search engine optimization, and public relations, to name a few. 

Moreover, Fouzia harbours a strong enthusiasm for contributing to her community and eagerly invites students from CUD to undertake internships in her digital marketing business. Her tale of triumph serves as evidence of the significance of higher education and perseverance in fulfilling one's aspiration. 

When asked what advice Fouzia would give current CUD students, she said: “Success is never achieved by staying in your comfort zone. Dare to take risks, overcome obstacles, and stay focused on your goals. With an unyielding thirst for learning, the potential is limitless.”  Fouzia Lkbiech, Canadian University Dubai graduate and successful entrepreneur, Sponge Digital Marketing