Unleashing the Potential | How Transformative Education is Shaping Angela’s Supercar Journey

Dubai shines as a global hub, attracting countless visitors from around the world. The vibrant city is recognized for international business opportunities, towering skyscrapers that defy limits, and a culture that embraces innovation and the evolving digital world. The city is also home to an impressive, awe-inspiring collection of supercars, from exotic Italian sports cars to cutting-edge electric cars. These sleek and powerful machines are often seen gracing the streets, enhancing Dubai’s already captivating landscapes with an essence of extravagance. Canadian University Dubai student, Angela Zein develops her passion for supercars and finds its roots in the reasons that led her to choose Dubai as her study destination.

“I have many favourite cars, and among them is the Koenigsegg Regera. It stands out for its exceptional luxury, authenticity, and insane speed! With a remarkable combination of an internal combustion engine and three electric motors, it boasts a total horsepower of over 1,500. The Regera's implementation of electric motors eliminates the need for a traditional gearbox and transmission, further enhancing the car’s immense power.” Angela Zein, BA. Communication in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications

Angela’s dual path of education and supercar business ventures

Angela’s fascination and enthusiasm for high-speed cars took shape during her childhood years, fuelled by the captivating world of supercar and motorbike sales in her home country. Her business ideas originated in Africa and Angela’s business concepts took root and continue to flourish in Dubai, where she has transplanted these thriving ideas. Seeking to enhance her success Angela recognized the need for higher education, leading her to enroll in one of Dubai's premier universities renowned for innovation and technology.

Car enthusiasts and admirers alike revel in the sight of these supercar marvels, making Dubai a paradise for those with a passion for speed and style. Angela’s pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Advertising, and Integrated Marketing Communications; at Canadian University Dubai has provided her with valuable opportunities to apply her knowledge and skills to her passion for supercars. Through her higher education courses, she has channeled her aspirations and developed her business plan and innovative ideas in the realm of supercars.

The power of studies during Angela’s supercar journey

Angela tells us how her studies at CUD are closely linked to her pursuit of a business centered around supercars. "My education at CUD is playing a crucial role in shaping my business ambitions. I am crafting a comprehensive business plan that aims to introduce a unique concept that is exclusive to supercar showrooms. CUD’s learning avenues are preparing me with mentored business advice from esteemed faculty, ensuring a smooth and supportive academic journey.”

Initially, Angela pursued her studies in CUD's Bachelor of Science program, specializing in Electrical Engineering Mechatronics. This choice resonated with her deep affinity for high-speed cars and cutting-edge engines. However, she soon unearthed a newfound passion for Communication, Arts and Integrated Marketing Communications. This transition allowed her to significantly grow her online following and propel her business endeavours forward.

She further shares that: “Certain courses that I am currently enrolled in have proven instrumental in fostering my entrepreneurial growth. Take, for instance, the Digital Imaging course, which has been pivotal in enhancing the quality of my content creation through various improvements. Moreover, the Media and Communication course has equipped me with essential skills in effectively leveraging media platforms. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation course is valuable, nurturing my study journey well, and helping me to sow seeds of fresh ideas for my business development. Along the way at CUD, I've had the privilege of engaging with insightful guest lecturers, including external experts. This exposure has further deepened my understanding of how journalism can serve as a powerful platform for my content, especially when combined with my passion for supercars.”

Angela’s adoration for cars and her fervour for social media converge to form captivating social media content. Speaking about this Angela says: “My car-centric content stands out with its distinctive focus on limited edition cars. Social media may appear effortless, but what truly matters is the confidence and creative expertise showcased.”

Transforming passion into business

Upon her journey, Angela reflected: “I realized that social media and influencing align with my skills and are essential for exposing my business to a wider audience. The realm of electronics and technology is advancing rapidly, parallel to the speed of high-performance cars. The closer I approach my true passion and apply my current studies, the more significant my purpose becomes, and the more meaningful my contributions to the community.”