World Mental Health Day at Canadian University Dubai


October 10th, 2023 | Dubai, UAE: In observance of World Mental Health Day, the ‘Student Council’ and ‘Psychology Society’ at Canadian University Dubai, organized a series of workshops and student activities. Recognizing that mental health is a fundamental component of holistic well-being, the aim was to support and encourage learning, and personal growth, and to highlight the significance of prioritizing mental health, together with in-house clinic visits from Open Minds Psychiatry, Counselling & Neuroscience Centre, BrainHub Polyclinic, and American Wellness Centre.
The event featured practical sessions with the faculty, one of which was 'Anxiety and Mental Health: Identifying Harmful Thinking Patterns’. During this presentation, Dr. Alia El Naggar emphasized: “If you do not control your thoughts, your thoughts will control you!” 
Another workshop, led by Dr. Viola Weber, focused on 'Stress Management’, and Dr. Mohammad Nami conducted a workshop on 'Sleep and Mental Health.' Speaking about the presentation, Dr. Nami said: “Sleep health and mental health are connected in such a way that we cannot imagine having one without the other. The devastating impacts of insufficient or inefficient sleep are not only significant to our mental health but also physical wellbeing and life expectancy.”