Master in Information Technology Management

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Master in Information Technology Management

Program Description 

The Master in Information Technology Management (MITM) program addresses the growing demand for executive education that combines the principles of business with the demands and opportunities presented by modern technology. The program equips participants with the skills to harness management tools and information systems to drive change, innovation and sustainability. Students will gain a holistic knowledge and skills in Digital Transformation, Leadership Project Management, Cyber security, Data mining, System integration and much more emerging technologies such as Blockchains and Artificial Intelligence. The MITM enables to lead and manage innovative projects, to make data-driven effective decisions and to identify appropriate solutions for future challenges. It provides advanced technology solutions at strategic level to enhance organization performance and decision-making, and to contribute to building Knowledge Economy.

With our Master of Information Technology Management, you will be able to pursue a career as Chief information officer, Chief technology officer, IT project manager, and data center manager. This program will enhance IT competencies, problem solving and digital leadership skills for all levels of managers. You may also work as a researcher in this field.

Data Science


Structure of the MITM Program

MITM consists of 36 credit hours which are categorized as follows:

  Compulsory Courses Cr. H Elective courses Cr. H Dissertation Cr. H Total Cr. H
MITM program 21 9 6 36

A – List of compulsory Courses

All MITM students must complete the following eight courses:

Course # Course Title Prerequisite Cr. H.
MBA 642 Managerial Finance None 3
MBA 643 Business Research Methods None 3
MBA 657 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility None 3
MIT 602 IT Services and Operations None 3
MIT 604 Blockchain Technology None 3
MIT 606 IT Governance and Management None 3
MIT 607 Strategic IT Planning None 3
Total 21

NB: MBA 642, MBA 643, and MBA 657 are shared courses with MBA program

B – Elective Courses of MITM

Students must complete either 3 courses in Data Analytics or 3 courses in Digital Transformation , depending on their interest and offerings.

Table 1.2.a: Elective Courses in Data Analytics (9 Credit hours)

Course # Course Title Prerequisite Cr. H.
MIT 621 Data Sciences None 3
MIT 622 Data Analytics for Managers MIT 621 3
MIT 623 Business Intelligence None 3
Total 9

Table 1.2.b: Elective Courses in Digital Transformation (9 Credit hours)

Course # Course Title Prerequisite Cr. H.
MIT 631 Cloud Computing None 3
MIT 632 Edge and Fog Computing MIT 631 3
MIT 633 Cybersecurity None 3
Total 9

Important: This set of elective courses requires a strong knowledge in coding

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