Bachelor of Arts degree program
4 Years (8 Semesters)
123 Credit Hours
Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters

Program overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Public Relations will prepare you to deliver your PR messages effectively within the modern communications environment. As the nature and channels of communication rapidly evolve, professionals in the industry need to be prepared to adapt to different communication forms, styles and outlets, in order to transmit their message. This program will teach you how to craft, deliver and position your PR messaging to maximum effect and to operate successfully as a public relations professional in an ever-changing communications context.

Program benefits

CUD's Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Public Relations, will teach you the knowledge and skills to research, write, publish and edit PR content, within local and international markets and across different outlets. The degree will provide you with the comprehensive foundations to practice within any public relations capacity, in areas as varied as diplomacy, business, government, non-profit agencies, professional associations, healthcare companies and international organizations.

PRSA Accreditation

PRSA Accreditation
CUD is one of small number of North American and international institutions, and the first and only one in the MENA region, to be accredited by the Public Relations Association of America (PRSA), giving our PR graduates a professional edge in the employment market.

Graduate careers

As a graduate of the Arts in Communication – Public Relations program, you will have the qualification and skills to pursue career opportunities such as:

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Content Manager & Strategist
  • Copywriter
  • Speech Writer
  • Grant Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Editor
  • Event Manager
  • Lobbyist
  • Manager of Digital and Social Media
  • Media Director
  • Director of Communications
  • Publicist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Researcher
  • Relationship Manager for:
  • Media, Community, Employee,
  • Government, Investor, Crisis Management
  • and Legal & Public Policy Issues

Program Structure

Program Requirements

Requirements Compulsory
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
University Requirement (UR) 24 9 - 33
Faculty Requirements (Core) (CR.H.) 45 - - 45
Concentration (Major) (MJ) 24 9 - 33
Free Elective (FE)   - 12 12
Total 93 18 12 123

Core Requirements

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
MCM 100 Introduction to Mass Communications   3
MCM 110 Communication Theories MCM-100 3
MCM 120 Communication Research Methods MCM-110 3
MCM 130 Media Ethics and Laws MCM-100 3
MCM 200 Introduction to Political Sciences MCM-100 3
MGT 202 Principles of Management   3
MCM 210 Media Sociology MCM-110 3
MCM 220 Media Impact MCM-110 3
MCM 230 Principles of Economics   3
MCM 310 Internet & Social Networks   3
MCM 320 Computerized Media Archiving   3
MCM 330 Literary & Artistic Criticism MCM-100 3
MCM 410 Political Geography MCM-200 3
MCM 420 Modern World History MCM 410 3
MCM 430 Media Internship 81 credits 3

Concentration Requirements

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
PRA 200 Writing for Public Relations   3
PRA 210 Public Relations Campaigns   3
PRA 215 Applied Public Relations PRA-200 3
PRA 310 Online Public Relations MCM-310 3
PRA 315 Public Relations Management PRA-200 3
PRA 320 Corporate Publications Design PRA-200 3
PRA 410 Organizational Communication PRA-315 3
PRA 420 Graduation Project in Public Relations Graduating Semester 3


Students select three courses (9 CR.H.) from the following list:

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
PRA 205 Strategic Communications PRA-210 3
PRA 225 Protocol PRA-200 3
JRN 317 Digital Photography MCM-100 3
PRA 330 Social Marketing PRA-215 3
PRA 425 International Public Relations MCM-100 3