Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I am a transfer student, am I allowed to apply for a scholarship?


  • I want to transfer my credits to CUD and later transfer to one of CUD’s partners in Canada. Will my credits be accepted by CUD’s partners in Canada?

    Once your credits have been accepted at CUD, there will be further analysis of those credits upon transfer to the universities in Canada.

  • I need to have a transcript of my results sent to another university which I am applying to.

    You will need to apply to the Enrolment Services for these documents. There is a cost for this which you can find on the website under “fees”

  • I need a copy of my Study Plan

    Study Plans are published on our website

  • I need a copy of my course syllabus.

    Your full course syllabus will be provided by your Professor.

  • I have not yet received my Graduation Certificate.

    Graduation certificates need to be prepared, signed and authorised prior to distribution. When this process is completed, you will be contacted by the University.

  • I have lost my Graduation Degree and need to order another copy.

    You will need to visit the Registration Department to apply for the re-issuance of your Degree Certificate and pay the associated fees. Details of the fee can be found here.

  • I have a problem with my results, who can I contact?

    You must first discuss with your Professor. If the issue with your results is still pending, you must fill out the appeal form and submit it to the Enrolment Services. Your appeal application must be filed within 15 days of the publication of your final exam grade. You must pay AED 300 at Enrolment Services for each appeal. The reassessed is done by another Professor.

  • How many semesters are there in the academic year?

    We have three semesters for our Undergraduate and Graduate programs. Our semesters are: Fall (September - December), Spring (January - May), and Summer (May - July)

  • How many hours of Professor-aided study will I complete per subject per week?

    This will depend on your course, Your Professor will be able to give you these details

  • How many courses can I take per semester?

    Fall & Spring: Minimum 3 (9 CH), Maximum 6 (18 CH) Summer I & II: Minimum 1 (3 CH), Maximum 2 (6 CH)

  • How long will the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI’s) take?

    The Multiple Mini Interviews will take approximately 2 hours in total to complete.

  • How long will it take to process my visa?

    If all the documents are available it will be a minimum of 3 working days. For completion of medical and stamping of visa on passport it will take a minimum of 4 working days. Please note: Passport should be with the University. Also note transfer of visa from other colleges will be a lengthy process so student should cancel their visa and CUD will apply for a new visa.

  • How long is given for lunch?

    There is no set lunch time. Your time is your own when not in class or Professors

  • How do I register?

    You can either apply on-line or come to the Recruitment Department in the University. We will need to see your documents to assess your eligibility for Admission. If we believe you are eligible we will then walk you through the process. You will have to pay an admission fee at this early stage

  • How do I pay for my course fees?

    Fees are payable at Registration in the Student Accounts section. Payment in full is expected each semester in the form of cash, cheque, credit card or bank transfer.

    Installments are available, please visit Student Accounts on campus to discuss your circumstances and determine your eligibility. Failure to honour later payments will result in your removal from the University. See our fees section.

    We conveniently have an ATM on site.

  • How do I apply for Graduation?

    You must submit your application for graduation to Enrolment Services. Deadline for submission is at the end of the first month of your qualifying semester. Your student account payable must be paid in full to qualify for graduation. The graduation application fee is AED 800.

  • How are the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI’s) conducted?

    Once you are conditionally accepted, you will be given a range of dates to book your interview.

  • How are students assessed?

    Students are assessed by a combination of coursework, mid term and end of Semester examinations depending on the subjects. You will be notified by your Professor at the beginning of each course. Attendance at lectures is also taken into account. You must attend a minimum of 75% of classes and Tutorials.

  • Does CUD require SATs?

    Those that have studied the American System will be asked for their SAT's if they are available.

  • Does CUD require a Mathematics placement test?

    All students except Mass Communication Students must take a basic Mathematics placement test to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements to enter the university program. There are two types of Mathematics placement tests: 1. For Engineering, Architecture and Interior Design majors 2. For other majors

  • Does CUD offer evening classes?

    Yes! Classes run Sunday to Thursday in the daytime, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., and evening, 6 p.m. -9 p.m. Weekends are also from 9 a.m-9 p.m. At the moment we run Evening and weekend classes. However, a full 4 years of evening or weekend classes cannot always be guaranteed.

  • Does CUD have an English Placement test?

    We encourage every student applying to Canadian University Dubai to participate in TOEFL exam if they haven't done so already.

    We conveniently offer TOEFL options on campus for students to participate in. You can see the schedule for these exams under our "Events" section.

    Students not meeting the English proficiency requirements to enter an academic program will need to enrol in our English for Academic Purpose (EAP) program where they will work to improve their English skills while still studying a limited number of general education courses. You can learn more about our EAP program here: English for Academic Purpose

  • Does CUD provide transportation?

    Transportation is provided between the student residence and CUD campus for all students living in residence. Transportation is also provided for other destinations including Sharjah and Ajman.

  • Do you provide any facilities regarding a visa, should I want to transfer to a university in Canada?

    CUD will offer assistance with our partners Universities or colleges. Student Success Center can provide facilities for visa arrangements to Canada only.