BSc in Environmental Health Management Accredited* by ECO Canada 

Thursday, June 3, 2021: Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is pleased to announce that the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Management program has been awarded Accreditation* Status from ECO Canada.

ECO Canada acts as a steward for the Canadian environmental workforce across all industries and aims to promote and drive responsible, sustainable economic growth while ensuring that environmental care is a priority. Their International Post-Secondary Environmental Program Accreditation recognizes programs for their commitment to high-quality education, accountability, and public trust.

After rigorous assessment, the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Management program at CUD has proven to meet an international standard of excellence in environmental practice and aligns with the growing labour market needs of the environmental workforce worldwide. The accreditation will apply to graduating, current and prospective students of this program, effective from April 29, 2021.

CUD’s BSc in Environmental Health Management covers a wide variety of disciplines and prepares students for the technical and professional demands of careers in the field of Environment, Human Health, Safety, Healthcare Institutions and Research. Students are actively involved within their communities through the planning and execution of environmental and health projects, and learn methods for analyzing, evaluating, and controlling environmental health issues.

To learn more about this program accreditation, please visit the ECO Canada website .

*Interim Accreditation Status

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