CUD Empowers High School Students with a 3-day Summer Camp | Inspiring Education for the Community

July 8th – 10th, 2023, City Walk, Dubai, UAE:  Canadian University Dubai (CUD) hosted its first 3-day Summer Camp at its expanded campus in City Walk.  The Summer Camp was exclusively designed for high school students, aligning with CUD’s commitment to driving education within the community. The Summer Camp offered an interactive learning setting, facilitating six practical workshops for the students to actively participate in. 

Speaking about CUD’s Summer Camp, Dr. Rami El Khatib, Dean of Student Affairs, said: “Empowering our community with creative and dynamic workshops inspires a world of possibilities through education. It is an honour for CUD to host our first Summer Camp for high school students at our expanded campus in City Walk.”

The Magic of Animation Workshop facilitated the high school students to explore the captivating world of animation and bringing characters to life. The students learned the importance of storytelling, character development, movement, and timing in animation. They practically applied their drawing skills to animated designs. Speaking about the workshop, Mr. Fadi Waked, CUD’s Graphic Designer, said: “The transformative power of creativity and the unlimited potential of young minds brings imagination to life. The high school students had fun finding their unique creative voices in this project.”

The Computer Science AppLab Workshop facilitated the high school students to gain the skills to build captivating mobile apps, through the basics of Flutter and the creation of visually appealing user interfaces through practical projects. Speaking about the workshop, Mr. Adel Yousefi, CUD’s alumni, shared: “During the workshop, the high school students created their own application and explored diverse coding techniques. Their genuine love for what they were doing echoes Steve Jobs' famous quote: ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

The students in the Business Workshop learned success strategies for entrepreneurs, brainstormed innovative ideas and explored skills in strategic planning and effective marketing. Mrs. Gayatri Nair, the Teaching Assistant of CUD’s Department of Creative Industries, emphasized the importance of unlocking one's potential and building knowledge. She encouraged students to explore their passions and navigate through challenges to pursue successful endeavours: “Gaining an insight about one's passion helps unlock their true potential and lays a foundation to build knowledge and capabilities.”

The Psychology Workshop introduced the diverse aspects of the field, its themes, and the extraordinary depths of the brain. The workshop delivered an insightful session, sparking discussions about the forces that shape individuality and the interplay between nature and nurture. The students explored the significance of understanding human behaviour, emotions and cognition, and examined the meaningful connection to the development of skills, knowledge, and attitudes. The workshop concluded with the students actively assessing and showcasing a specific quality that they considered essential as aspiring professionals.

The Mechatronics RoboXperience Workshop explored the exciting world of robots. This comprehensive program covered robot fundamentals, programming, and problem-solving strategies. Students assembled robots, tackled engaging challenges, and learned to program the robots effectively. By the end of the workshop, the students gained a deep understanding of robotics. 

The Architecture & Interior Design Workshop inspired high school students to journey through their creativity. The workshop was designed for students who have a passion for envisioning beautiful structures & transforming spaces. Engaging discussions took place about design aesthetics, architectural principles, and sustainable practices. Dr. Maha Salman, Head of CUD’s School of Architecture and Design Department, spoke about the workshop: “Through teamwork and a passion for innovation, the students are shaping a future where their creative structures become the stepping stones for a world transformed. Their dedication inspires us to believe in the limitless potential of the next generation to build a better tomorrow.”

Through six practical workshops, including Animation, Computer Science AppLab, Business, Psychology, Mechatronics RoboXperience, and Architecture & Interior Design, the students participated in innovative and interactive learning experiences. CUD eagerly looks forward to future Summer Camps, continuing to promote education and providing opportunities for high school students to participate in exciting and educational workshops.