CUD joins the International Association of Universities

Thursday, October 7, 2021: Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has joined the International Association of Universities (IAU), further demonstrating our commitment to growing our global network of institutional partners and facilitating our education and applied research development to enhance our academic and cultural exchanges.

Founded in 1950, under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the IAU is the leading global association of higher education institutions and organizations from around the world. As an independent, bilingual (English and French), non-governmental, membership organization, the IAU gathers more than 640 Members (institutions, organizations, affiliates and associates) from over 120 countries to identify, reflect, and act on common priorities.

As a respected global voice, the vision of the IAU is to promote collaboration among its members by articulating the fundamental values and principles that underpin the pursuit, dissemination, and application of knowledge. Central to these values and principles is the importance of international collaboration, tolerance, equity, and academic diversity.

The Association advocates for higher education policies and practices that respect diverse perspectives and promote social responsibility. Acting as a forum for sharing and joint action, the IAU encourages innovation, mutual learning, and cooperation amongst institutions.

CUD’s affiliation showcases the importance of developing mutually-beneficial global partnerships that strengthen our role in the international higher education community and contribute to the advancement of research and knowledge.