CUD Students Visit Germany | Crossing Borders | International Logistics Project

Mannheim, Germany, November 20th – 27th, 2022:  The Duale Hochschule Baden Württemberg (DHBW) in Mannheim, Germany, in partnership with Canadian University Dubai (CUD), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, sponsored by the Baden-Wuerttemberg Trust – collaborate to advance student exchanges through the International Logistics Projects (ILP).  The exchanges promote and advance the integrated academic studies within industrial workplace programs, inclusive of the ILP initiatives, and have taken place over five phases since 2019.  Recently, a team of CUD students, together with professors, visited Germany. 

In preparation for the international trip, the students coordinated and facilitated several local, creative fundraising initiatives – designed to simulate the practical application of workplace tools and drive purposeful learning educational objectives.  The students were responsible to create, develop, and organize the activities through a calculated budget, based on strategic ambitions. 

“We learnt many useful and practical skills during the fundraising.  Initially, we did not know our team members – some of us were from unlike majors, unrelated circles and different years from within the university.  We learnt that being present, interacting, and most of all, communicating as a team – were key indicators of the success of our well-organized fundraising activities. The student surveys we conducted on campus were fundamental in shaping the fundraising activity progress.  Dr. Nora’s guidance and mentorship was important, as she was present with us every step of the way.”  Mayar Alsager, CUD Student

The fundraising engagements included two movie nights, and a sport day with several competitions, namely: chess, Super Mario Bros, FIFA, table tennis and billiards.  CUD’s Student Council contributed to the events through prize giving and provision of student volunteers, which the ILP team were accountable to lead and manage. After each fundraising activity, the event was strategically analyzed by the ILP students through debriefing sessions.

“The International Logistics Project imparts the best opportunities for CUD students to learn the practical application of business concepts, through effective implementation locally, and within Germany’s market – and to deliver sustainable results thereof.”  Prof. Dr. Farooq Haq, Faculty of Management, CUD

Each CUD student was responsible to process the travel requirements in preparation for the trip to Germany, including accommodation sourcing, budgeting, activities, travel coordination, and visa processing; guided by CUD Prof. Dr. Farooq Haq.  These practical learning experiences equipped students with real-world learning applications.  In addition, the team naturally solidified during these processes – preparing the students for a wonderful journey to Germany to create ever-lasting memories. 

“It with a heart full of gratitude that we express our thanks to our friends in Germany.  They were exceptional in hosting us in Germany. Furthermore, the CUD students who took part in ILP have become like my family.  This all became possible because of our CUD professors, Dr. Nora and Dr. Farooq.”  Mayar Alsager, CUD Student

The students from Germany equally experienced a fundamental and unique life-changing experience during the ILP exchange from Germany to Dubai, in 2022.  The German students were ecstatic to be immersed in the diverse business world of Dubai, as well as astounding infrastructure, within a cosmopolitan lifestyle.  In return, the CUD students visiting Germany gained an enriched cultural understanding of Germany. “I particularly enjoyed the multi-cultural experiences of our tour in Germany – particularly with the food and culture.”  Loujain Abu Naser, CUD Student

“I appreciate how much care was put into our travel itinerary – which gave time to obvious activities such as the museum visit, Schwetzingen Castle excursion, factory tour and Mercedes Benz journey. I enjoyed participating in the lecture at Mannheim University about ‘decarbonization’.  In addition, we also had the opportunity to tour, site see and visit landmarks, plus enjoy some shopping expeditions in Germany. The Christmas market in Germany was certainly a highlight.”  Mayar Alsager, CUD Student

“The benefit of the fundraising, prior to our trip, helped to connect our team of participants. We became like a family. One main learning I take away from this journey is:  Independence.  I have never travelled alone without my family; however, on this adventure, our team became a family.”  Loujain Abu Naser, CUD Student

The friendships established between the students in Dubai and in Germany solidified through several activities and engagements organized in Germany.  The students participated in numerous lectures at different universities in Germany, namely in subjects of: Supply Chain, Information Technology, Marketing, and Logistics Management.  The activities combined educational and cultural aspects, including an informative visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, a tour of the BASF plant, a tour of the castles in Heidelberg and Schwetzingen, a boat cruise along the city river, a tour of the port, and attendance to a well-renowned professional sporting event – the home game of the Rhein-Neckar Löwen. 

“My journey throughout the International Logistics Project has enlightened my knowledge of logistics – a topic which I am particularly interested in.  My learnings have been practical and fundamental to my personal and professional growth.” Loujain Abu Naser, CUD Student

My self-confidence and belief in myself has blossomed throughout this journey.  I am honoured to have been selected out of many students, and I am grateful that my professors saw the potential in me to join the ILP program!” Mayar Alsager, CUD Student

The students gained invaluable life-changing adventures and experiences – the developments during the International Logistics Projects are exponential, giving students the abilities to acquire knowledge and gain experiences in real-time learning.  The ILP relationships between DHBW Mannheim and CUD continue to strengthen.