CUD Transfer Student Bhaanvi Receives the Prestigious Sir Howard Douglas Award from UNB in Canada | Advocating for Marginalized Communities

July 25th, 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates:  Canadian University Dubai (CUD) congratulates Bhaanvi Rai for receiving the esteemed Sir Howard Douglas Award from the University of New Brunswick (UNB), in Canada. Bhaanvi’s educational pursuit began in India and later led her to join CUD in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). Subsequently, she successfully completed her first year of university education in 2020 at CUD’s School of Management, studying BBA in Accounting and Finance and the credits were transferred to her bachelor’s degree program at the UNB. CUD is delighted that Bhaanvi has been honoured with the prestigious Sir Howard Douglas Award from UNB, as she progresses through her international academic journey. 

Congratulations on Receiving the Sir Howard Douglas Award! 

Speaking about the award, Bhaanvi said: “As an undergraduate student, I am honoured and sincerely grateful to be the recipient of the prestigious Sir Douglas Howard Award from UNB. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to CUD for facilitating my transfer to Canada and to UNB for bestowing me with this incredible opportunity and recognition. My sincere thanks go out to my colleagues, mentors, and family for their support throughout this journey. Achieving this award required relentless hard work and perseverance. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to upholding the values of this award and remain fully committed to making a positive impact in the lives of our community.”

The Esteemed Sir Howard Douglas

UNB takes great pride in honouring students as Sir Howard Douglas Scholars. According to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Sir Howard Douglas (1776-1861) was a highly esteemed military strategist, distinguished soldier, and author from Scotland. He served as the Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick from 1823 to 1831, where he was described as dynamic and popular. Sir Howard Douglas was determined to pursue his goals and overcome obstacles with energy and intelligence. He was always ready to listen to others. During his visits to hospitals, he personally addressed the issue of sick individuals lacking blankets and promptly arranged for the distribution of blankets. He uplifted the morale of the troops, firmly believing that through training he would inspire them with exceptional qualities, thus earning their trust and loyalty.

Upon assuming the Governorship of New Brunswick, he visited the most remote parts of Canada. During these tours, he dedicated himself to developing the infrastructure of roads and public buildings, initiated agricultural societies, constructed lighthouses, and established schools. Among his significant achievements was the foundation of the University of New Brunswick. He was deeply committed to service in the community.

‘Scholars Exemplify the Society's Motto, Non-Nobis Solum: Not for Ourselves Alone.’

Each year, distinguished scholars are inducted into UNB’s Honour Society and presented with the prestigious Sir Howard Douglas Society pin. This pin features a significant detail from the Douglas family's coat of arms, showcasing the heart of King Robert the Bruce, a 13th-century Scottish hero renowned for his fight for freedom. Sir Howard's ancestor, Sir James Douglas, a devoted supporter and lifelong friend of King Robert, is symbolically connected to this heart. The crown positioned above the heart serves as a representation of royalty. Although the Sir Howard Douglas Award acknowledges previous achievements of scholars, the primary aim is to inspire the recipient to sustain their success, both in academic pursuits and in positively impacting the achievements of others.

Inspiring Achievements and a Bright Future

Speaking about her journey Bhaanvi said: “The opportunity through CUD to transfer from Dubai to Canada has opened up remarkable prospects in both my personal life and career. Both CUD and UNB’s learning environments have been instrumental in enabling me to grow and aim for my highest potential. To be nominated for this award, active community involvement and outstanding academic achievements are required. Since transferring to UNB, I've had the privilege of serving as the Anti-Racism Coordinator for the Government of New Brunswick, and as the Director of Advocacy for Shades of Change, an organization dedicated to promoting anti-racism. Currently, I am working at Deloitte in the Learning and Development Department as part of my internship, which is scheduled to be completed in December 2023. I’m set to graduate with my Bachelor of Business Administration, Human Resources Management, from UNB in May 2024.”

She continued: “I then aspire to gain experience in the field of Human Resources. Eventually, I plan to apply to law school after accumulating practical experience. My passion is a combination of HR and law, with a particular focus on advocating for marginalized communities and making a meaningful difference in the lives of BIPOC and immigrant populations. I thank CUD for serving as the gateway to my future in Canada. Following my graduation from grade 12, I felt disheartened due to my ineligibility to directly apply to universities in Canada, as I hadn't taken Mathematics. Nevertheless, CUD enabled me to turn my dream into a reality. At CUD, I completed Mathematics and Calculus, which were prerequisites for Canadian universities and integral parts of my academic journey. After my first year at CUD, I transferred to UNB, but I fondly cherish studying for my BBA at CUD – one of the most enriching experiences of my life!”