From Dubai to Dreams | MBA Leader Embarks on a Transcontinental Academic Journey from Canadian University Dubai to the University of New Brunswick in Canada

Manjari Tiwari, a pioneering student from Canadian University Dubai's (CUD) MBA program transitions to Canada to complete her MBA studies. Following a year in CUD's Master of Business Administration in General Management, Manjari smoothly transferred to the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Canada to continue studying for her MBA. This pathway became achievable due to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CUD and UNB. Manjari imparted some valuable insights from her experience.

Manjari, while CUD has been helping undergraduate students transfer to and graduate in Canada for years, you are the pioneer in transferring mid-MBA from CUD to one of our esteemed partners in Canada. Congratulations! Manjari responds: “It is an honour for me to be the FIRST student from CUD to embark on a mid-MBA transfer to Canada. From the outset, my main motivation for joining CUD in Dubai was the prospect of continuing my studies in Canada. Now, several MBA students at CUD have expressed their interest in following a similar path.” 

Of CUD’s international partners, why did you choose UNB? 

  • “CUD's partnership with UNB made it the ideal choice for me to transfer my credits during my MBA, as specific universities were assigned based on the concentration major.
  • UNB offers exceptional internship offerings to gain practical career experience.
  • Canada's culture is known for its multicultural and diverse society. I'm excited about the chance to expand my network in this beautiful country. The natural landscapes and an abundance of parks with a serene city atmosphere are experiences I eagerly anticipate. I plan to explore every corner of Canada.”

How have your professors at CUD been able to support your transition from Dubai?

“After completing my BBA in Human Resources in India, my interest to pursue an MBA abroad motivated me to begin my studies at CUD, with the goal of transferring and graduating in Canada. The support and teamwork from the School of Management professors at CUD facilitated my transfer to Canada. They stood by me throughout the entire process and have also connected me with valuable contacts and networks in Canada, which is beneficial to my journey. The recommendation letters from my esteemed professors at CUD also strengthened my application process, and in addition, my work experience proved to be a significant advantage. Tears of joy welled up when I received my acceptance from UNB. I'm excited to continue my MBA journey in Canada this September!” 

How have the representatives at UNB been able to support your transition to Canada?

“The representatives from UNB have been instrumental in turning my dream of pursuing an MBA in Canada into a reality. Their invaluable assistance throughout the application process, along with the meaningful partnership between CUD and UNB, have paved the way for my future. During informative presentation seminars at CUD in Dubai, I had the pleasure of meeting representatives from UNB in Canada. Additionally, since my application has been approved, I have attended several online information sessions which equipped me with good knowledge and perspectives, including essential tips for managing life well in Canada. The support and guidance I've received are important to this journey.” 

The CUD community extends their best wishes to Manjari for a successful continuation of her MBA studies in Canada!