Inspiring Student Business Breakfast with Prof. Lars Kolind | Exploring Entrepreneurship, Business Ideas and Innovation


September 25th, 2023 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Canadian University Dubai's School of Management hosted dynamic businessman, author, and consultant, Prof. Lars Kolind; at an inspiring student business breakfast event in the vibrant City Walk. Dr. Dima Jamali, the Dean of the School of Management, opened the event with a warm welcome. With key insights into over 50 global organizations, Prof. Kolind shared his successful business knowledge with the students. Among discussions about interesting concepts such as the ‘Spaghetti Organization’, Prof. Kolind highlighted the significance of a business creating a meaningful impact within the community.

BBA in International Business student, Hussein Mohammed, attended and spoke about his experience at the event: “It is inspiring to have the opportunity to engage with such remarkable business minds. Prof. Kolind shared several global business ideas and concepts that have proven successful throughout his career. His concept of the 'Spaghetti Organization' gave me valuable business insights, significant to tailoring strategies to each company's unique and individualized portfolio, considering factors such as culture, location, needs, and operations. He also offered each of us students advice and guidance, helping us to choose the right paths for our business ventures.”

Championing Transparency | Prof. Kolind’s Wealth of Global Business Insights 

The concept of the 'Spaghetti Organization' promotes an organizational culture of choice, where employees have the freedom to initiate projects and form teams. Employees who are invited to participate in a project are free to accept or decline the invitation. This approach cultivates the development of multi-disciplined individuals who can take on several roles within a project. Most importantly, the organizational design champions transparency, by ensuring that knowledge is openly shared across the organization.

Mahmoud Ayad, a student of the BBA in International Business, also attended the event: “The business breakfast was a good networking opportunity for me as a student. Prof. Kolind established a genuine connection with each student, addressing us as the ‘future entrepreneurs’ we aspire to be. He shared insights into the management of his various businesses and their evolutionary journeys. He also introduced us to the concept of the 'Spaghetti Organization’ that he pioneered and explained how it could revolutionize the future of our businesses.”

The Significance of a ‘Business Creating a Meaningful Impact within the Community’

Mahmoud continued: “The student business breakfast provided us with valuable knowledge and personalized guidance for our individual business dreams and endeavours. A highlight for me was when Prof. Kolind introduced a fresh perspective, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the positive impact that a business can make, rather than only concentrating on the power or profit of the business.”

In conclusion, Canadian University Dubai's School of Management hosted a captivating and enlightening student business breakfast event featuring Prof. Lars Kolind, a dynamic businessman, author, and consultant.