CUD Journalism Student Shines in Internship with TWSC


September 20th, 2023 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Yet another achievement as a Canadian University Dubai (CUD) student secures a placement through the diligent efforts of CUD's Career Services and Internship Office. Athiq Syed is completing his Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Digital Media and Journalism Program at CUD and successfully completed an internship at The Weber Shandwick Collective (TWSC). TWSC is a strategic communications and consulting network agency that is designed for the future. It was TWSC that recognized Athiq’s talent as a Corporate and Consumer Intern. 

Speaking about his internship at TWSC, Athiq said: “Entering the industry as an intern has been an exceptional journey for my personal and professional development. Initially, I was tasked with Public Relations, to assess the impact of Snapchat. Soon my responsibilities expanded to include diverse fields, including the sustainability sector and the automotive industry. Here, I had the opportunity to engage with contracts affiliated with prominent organizations such as Netflix, McDonald's, Skylands, Uber, and Cafu. I also had the opportunity to evaluate more than 1,000 of the top influencers in the UAE. I have had several prospects to go above and beyond the given instructions and to deliver my creativity to the team. The highlight of my internship experience was when one of my creative ideas for a McDonald's concept was communicated to the Head of the Department and received with great enthusiasm.”

Creating a Catalyst for Student Success | CUD’s Career Services and Internship Office

Athiq continues: “May El Khoury, CUD's Career Services and Internship Coordinator, facilitated my introduction to TWSC and encouraged me to explore the opportunity. Following my interview with TWSC, I successfully secured the internship. May provided plenty of support and guidance, regularly checking in to monitor my progress and happiness. As a Journalism student, this experience has influenced my career by exposing me to the world of PR. It has helped me understand my passion for both PR and Journalism and as a result, I plan to integrate both these aspects into my future career.”

Looking Forward | Athiq’s Graduation and Bright Future

Athiq attributes his success during the hands-on internship experience to his education at CUD and expresses gratitude to the professors in the Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences; for their mentorship which Athiq believes excelled his abilities beyond the expected standards. It is these experiences that Athiq says prepared and shaped him to meet the goals of the internship.

He closes: “CUD is a milestone in my life and my success. My mentors pushed my creativity to another level. As I approach graduation after studying at CUD for several years, I am filled with mixed emotions. I have loved being at CUD more than anywhere else. I will truly miss the CUD environment when I graduate soon.”