Embracing Sustainability and Tourism | World Tourism Day at CUD


September 27th, 2023 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Canadian University Dubai (CUD) and the Architectural Heritage and Antiquities Department (AHAD) of Dubai Municipality, collaborated to celebrate ‘World Tourism Day’ at the vibrant CUD City Walk campus. The event, aligned with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) theme 'Tourism and Green Investment' aimed to promote awareness about investing in sustainable tourism projects, particularly within Dubai's historic districts. It was a vibrant celebration embracing both tourism and sustainability, featuring AHAD speakers, student presentations, and a workshop on traditional wood carving in Dubai's Al Shandagha historic neighbourhood.

‘World Tourism Day’ Celebration 

Dr. Dima Jamali, the Dean of CUD's School of Management, welcomed students and guests to the World Tourism Day event: “The topic of the Symposium could not be timelier, ‘Tourism and Green Investments’, highlighting the need to invest in innovative projects for sustainable tourism that benefit people, the planet and overall prosperity.   2023 is designated as the year of Sustainability in the UAE, and as we gear up for the international 28th Conference of Parties (COP28), we are all reminded of the importance of sustainability and mobilizing collective efforts for greater impact.”  

CUD students from the Bachelor of Business Administration in Events and Tourism Management spoke about their experience at the event.  Qussay Bashir Saleh said: “The event helped me to grasp the bigger perspectives of tourism, emphasizing Dubai's approach to managing its rapidly growing tourism sector while conserving protected areas. Dubai successfully combines tourism expansion with proactive sustainability measures, benefiting the economy.” Barakat Ololade Oki, shared: “Dubai Municipality offered valuable insights into sustainability within tourism, with a primary emphasis on preserving heritage sites for the benefit of future generations. Tourism is about connecting cultures, creating memories, and celebrating the beauty of our diverse world.” 

'Tourism & Green Investment, The 3P’s Student Competition'

In preparation for World Tourism Day, CUD students participated in the ‘3P's Student Competition’ on September 21st, 2023. This competition aimed to redefine tourism investments to align with the Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on investments for People, the Planet, and Prosperity. Students competed in groups, with at least one Event and Tourism Management student per group. Organizing the event and student competition, Dr. Samar Noaman, Assistant Professor in the School of Management, said: “The tourism industry is reliant on beautiful natural landscapes. The empowerment of future leaders on the importance of sustainable practices aims to ensure the preservation of these invaluable resources for generations to come. To sustain tourism, we ought to live sustainably.”

Discussing their entries in the competition, the students elaborated on each of their projects in the 3P competition. Qussay Bashir Saleh, said: “Our project, named 'Education for Tourism in Developing Nations' seeks to demonstrate the relationship between educating children in schools and its positive impact on the tourism sector, which in turn contributes to economic growth.” Barakat Ololade Oki, explained: “Our project utilized virtual reality to redefine tourism. Through a mood board, we visualized our perceptions of tourism, showcasing how tourists can virtually experience their dream destinations in Dubai. Virtual reality is not a technology, it is a destination.”

Congratulations to the following students who won the ‘Tourism & Green Investment, The 3P’s Student Competition’: Tomiris Duisembinova, Qussay Bashir Saleh, Alexandra Latuha. As for the best mood board, featuring: Hamda Alkhalsan, Barakat Ololade Oki, Barbra Adhiambo Akhwale. 

In closing, student Hamda AlKhalsan, summarized the success of the 3P’s competition and the World Tourism Day: “Tourism is the art of finding beauty in unfamiliar places and discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary."