Researcher at Canadian University Dubai covers a diverse range of disciplines and specialisms. Across our seven academic schools, researchers collaborate on national and international studies, speak at conferences around the world, and are frequently called upon to provide their expertise at local and regional events and in media and publications.

You can contact any of our researchers directly to explore opportunities for research collaborations or to obtain an expert opinion in a particular field.

 Architecture & Design

Carla Arias

Biophilic design, human-nature connections, didactic school design and historic implications of sustainable design.

Evangelia Diagkou

Interior design and decoration.

Hamoud Dekkiche

Urban design, sustainability, life cycle assessment and building information modeling.

Hoshiar Nooraddin

Architecture, urban design, sustainability and transportation.

Joaquin Busch

Visualization and concept in architecture/interior design.

Luca Donner

Sustainability, affordability, prefab architecture and housing.

Mr. Massimo Imparato

Third spaces, innovation in manufacturing, and digital fabrication.

Serkan Gunay

Architectural preservation, geographical information systems and spatial information systems.

Ms. Sophie Johnson

Community architecture, public and private sector housing, tradition in residential environments.

Business Administration

Anas Najdawi

B2B e-business integration in tourism, knowledge modeling and sharing, concept mapping for business and education, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Chris Enyinda

Marketing, Logistics/Operations and Supply Chain Management, Transportation Management, International Business/International Trade.

Farooq Haq

Tourism marketing, Islamic marketing, Halal branding and special products marketing.

Hanan Mustapha

Pension reforms in developed and emerging countries, the aging population, social insurance and public economics.

John Ireland

Consumer perceptions of Islamic marketing issues and marketing with the bottom of the pyramid.

Mohammed Ibrahim

International accounting, auditing judgment, performance evaluation, heuristics and professional judgment.

Rommel Pilapil Sergio

Emotional intelligence, cross-cultural orientation, talent management, career development, change management, and human resource effectiveness.

Sawsan Halbouni

Accounting in developing countries, social responsibility and environmental disclosures, and audit quality and fraud detection.

Susan Zeidan

Human resource management, intellectual capital, psychological contracts, employee attitudes and behaviors, and organizational downsizing.

Communication & Media Studies

Franziska Apprich

Media, apps, music and theatre.

Katia Vianou

Globalisation, international communication and development, international scientific cooperation, and anthropological approaches in communication studies.

Mohamed Ben Moussa

Social media, media convergence and online journalism, international communication, ICT4 development, and gender and the media.

Mohamed Ahmed

Development and uses of converged media and digital content in higher education.

Wided Dafri

Arabic media, public relations, protocol and diplomacy, international relations, human rights and leadership styles .

Engineering, Applied Science & Technology

Adel Ben Mnaouer

Wireless networking, bio-medical engineering, software engineering, and cluster/grid computing.

Firuz Kamalov

Operator algebras and functional analysis.

Ons Bouachir

Wireless networking, sensor networks, aeronautical communications, unmanned aerial vehicle (drones) communications, space communications.

Sherif Moussa

VLSI design, wireless communication, and computer networks.

Environment & Health Sciences

Ahmad Okasha

Hospital journey to service line specialization.

Rami El Khatib

Quality of different environmental and healthcare concerns.

Stefane Mostefa Kabene

Leadership, management, health and healthcare systems.

Yassen Alfoteih

Environmental science, biology, epidemiology, microbiology and water quality.

Graduate Studies

Elgilani Elshareif

Financial modeling, stock market volatility, government bonds and sukuk, and Islamic and conventional banking efficiency and performance.

Ikhlaas Gurrib

Behavioural finance, event analysis, macroeconomic analysis and financial markets.

Marc Poulin

Mass customization, operations management, supply chain management and operations simulation.

Mohammed Kabir

International development.

Mohammed Nurul Alam

Financing for SMEs and micro entrepreneurs by Islamic Banks.

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Efthymios Papatzikis

Educational neuroscience, infants’ and children’s neurobehavioral development through sound and music, educational development and special needs.

Ho Hon Leung

Geometry, topology and functional analysis, and group theory.

Joanna Seraphim

Cultural preservation and transmission, Middle-Eastern studies, native studies, and women's studies.

Louise Lambert

Positive psychology and culture.