Research Partnerships

Through the Office of Research Services, Canadian University Dubai continually seeks to foster research collaborations with both academic and business partners to generate knowledge that will be of benefit to wider society. This provides a unique opportunity for researchers within the University to contribute to first class research programs in collaboration with their peers in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and other international settings

Research initiatives are implemented in close collaboration with partner universities from Canada, including:

  • University of British Columbia;
  • Lake Head University;
  • University of Windsor;
  • University of Regina;
  • The University of Western Ontario.

Additional research partnerships have been initiated with:

  • Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA;
  • Columbia University, New York, USA;
  • Multimedia University of Malaysia;
  • EMLyon Business School in France;
  • The Qatar Foundation in Qatar.

These partnerships make the university a portal to Canadian and other international education systems and give Canadian University Dubai a global stature.