Canadian University Dubai aims to support academic excellence and promote a culture of research across the region. In doing so, we have established a platform for the publication and dissemination of research through the creation of two distinct academic journals.

Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology™

The Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology™ was established by Assistant Professor, Dr. Louise Lambert, and is the region's first journal on this emerging field. It was conceived to help synchronize the work of scholars and practitioners and to establish a critical mass of regional research.

The focus of the journal is not just studying excellence and well-being, but studying them through the lens of culture, to celebrate the distinctive manner in which happiness is expressed, lived, and achieved in health, education, organizations, and other spheres of life across the Middle East.

The Journal features papers in both English and Arabic. To find out more visit:

Gulf Journal of Mathematics

The Gulf Journal of Mathematics was established by Assistant Professors, Dr. Firuz Kamalov and Dr. Ho Hon Leung. The publication became the UAE's very first journal dedicated to mathematics when it was launched in 2013.

The electronic, open access journal publishes quality research articles and survey papers from mathematicians in the Gulf region and around the world. In 2015 it was listed in the indexing database of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), he most prestigious indexing database of math journals worldwide.

To find out more, visit: