Liberal Arts & Sciences


Educational neuroscience

Lead: Dr. Efthymios Papatzikis
This research explores the role of music in education and brain development. Using neuroscience and psychology, in parallel with sound and music, it examines the neurobehavioral development of babies, toddlers and young adults.

Positive psychology

Lead: Dr. Louise Lambert
Positive psychology is a forward-looking framework that involves interventions to promote positive outlooks, emotions and behaviors that ultimately enable individuals to flourish. This research looks at mapping and developing models for positive psychology interventions in a cross-cultural context.

Quranic studies

Dr. Marwan Shaban
Inspired by the Quranic account of Jonah, this research applies nanotechnology techniques to test the effect of the pumpkin properties on insects, and to explore if they could be synthesized to create a new bio product that would function as an effective pesticide, without the unwanted side effects that come with chemical solutions.