Architecture & Design


Infrared imaging for analyzing and improving energy efficiency

Lead: Dr. Hamoud Dekkiche
With the increasing drive towards sustainable development, minimizing energy consumption has become one of the key benchmarks in the design and construction industry. As the LEED sustainability rating system now sets the standards for energy efficiency, this research explores how the real-life performance of a building actually lives-up to its official environmental credentials, through the application of infrared technology.

New trends in urban design

Lead: Dr. Hoshiar Nooraddin
This research explores how Dubai has made events a generator of its urban life. It considers various case study locations, including Dubai Festival City, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Palm Jumeirah, to evaluate how events create a focal point, and how they impact upon the design and quality of life of urban neighborhoods.

Sustainable design

Lead: Luca Donner
A building is considered sustainable according to how well it integrates with the natural elements of the surrounding landscape and with the habits of its residents. This research considers sustainable design in a variety of contexts, from desert construction that seeks to integrate local culture and ancient building traditions, to urban design that seeks to maximize modern techniques and technologies.

Interior outdoors

Lead: Massimo Imparato
Design is evolving to a state where it is no longer the building and the architect that dictate the rules, but it is the expression and promotion of a building's purpose that drive its design, resulting a 'blurring of the intersection' between architecture and interior design. This research examines the evolving trend of interiors influencing the architectural envelope and design inspirations, to achieve a cohesive and sympathetic interior/exterior design.

Design in the Arab world

Lead: Sophie Johnson
This research is set in the context of a region caught between a variety of paradigms in terms of design, and the challenge this presents in respecting its culture and heritage, while embracing modernity and the thirst for invention. It explores design trends and concerns for 'new' Arab cities, is based on research among senior designers and company owners around the region.