Dear Class of 2020,

In years to come, when you look back on the year 2020, it is our hope that you remember a joyous celebration of your achievements and successes at Canadian University Dubai (CUD). What is typically celebrated, in a gathering of friends, family, and the university community during our graduation ceremony, brings us challenge this year in light of COVID-19.

As we continue to take seriously the national directives to remain socially distant, and we, like you, are uncertain of the timeframes and severity of the emerging situation, we have acted to postpone upcoming 2020 academic calendar’s events. Sadly, this included the Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony.

We understand that the news to postpone this signature event is disappointing. Graduation is a milestone and an important tradition as you close a significant chapter in your lives. Wearing the CUD regalia, symbolic of your achievement, is a moment we all cherish in this journey. Graduation is closure of perseverance and a reminder of the strength you’ve gained in meeting all the requirements of your degree. We understand that a commencement ceremony highlights this range of emotion and joy, and, we too, are deeply disappointed by any disruption of this tradition.

However, as we seek to rise above this challenge, we are encouraged to find alternative ways to celebrate you. We are sure that we will make it up to you once the time is right. We anticipate that time to be early 2021, and we will plan for a larger and unforgettable ceremony with both the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021.

The past several weeks and the weeks ahead are a true test of what CUD has instilled in you. An innovative spirit will emerge as we plan for new realities. While it is true that your CUD graduation year will forever be synonymous with this unique place in history, it is our goal that you remember it, in years to come, with joy. Thank you again for your resiliency and willingness to adapt.

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Registration Services

Students can send requests through their official student email address to All requests will be responded to within three days.

The following requests/inquiries can be made through the ticketing system:

  • Registration (Add/Drop classes)
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Finance Services

Please note that upon student request, we can prepare and generate a quotation for both prospective and current students.

Visit Fees / Payment and Bank Details to know more about the modes of payment.

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  3. At the bottom of the total, click on Pay by Credit Card
  4. Select the ‘brand’ of credit card you intend to use (this will be seen on the card itself in the form of either the Visa or MasterCard logos)
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  6. On the page that follows, check that the amount to be paid is right.
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Student Services

As student life will become more online based, follow canadianuniversitydubai on Instagram for contests, activities, and virtual music and sporting events and palm_maple for posts related to personal, social, and professional development. For further information about upcoming online activities and games, contact

For scholarship services, email for inquiries and applications. Also, please visit Scholarships for criteria and guidelines to apply.

Our Health Center will continue to ensure your safety and wellness by continuing to provide primary healthcare services, education on wellness and disease prevention, and insurance information. Contact Kim Fabillon or Chennee Tolintino at for your health-related inquiries.

Career services will continue to provide online support to students to allow students to grow professionally. Email May El Khoury at for assistance in securing internships, CV writing, part-time or full-time work, and volunteering opportunities.

For personal counseling or concerns related to academic success, personal growth, and mental or socio-emotional well-being, contact Raneem Nageeb at to set up a phone or video call. In addition, if you require special accommodations in your courses anytime throughout the semester, please remain in contact with Raneem to make adjustments as necessary in order for you to reach your full potential.

Library Online support

You can access the library resources online and get eBooks, articles, company reports, country reports, online journals, cases electronically for free straight away. Access these online resources through “One search “ and you can filter the search result as per your needs LRC

Guide on How to Access CUD LRC Resources

This guide will provide you an information on how to find scholarly resources like ebooks, online articles, online magazines, how to find company report, industry report and other electronic resources. Open the link and follow the step-by-step instruction LRC Resources

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If you have any difficulty accessing the resources you can reach us at or 04 7096260 we are open from Sunday-Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm.

ICT Department

Information and Communication Technology is available to support students on technical issues related to online learning.  

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