March 30, 2020: COVID-19: RESPONSE & UPDATES

Dear Student,

As time moves on and we get further away from our regular routines, we, at Canadian University Dubai, continue to think about the impact of COVID-19 on our students. We take to heart that no one enters into higher education anticipating a disruption such as this one, and we want to instil continued momentum as best we can.

We recognize that the shift to online learning adds additional tasks and emotions to your existing responsibilities to complete your studies, but we want you to stay on course! We have been thinking about how to best help you do that from within the confines of our new reality.

The president, senior management and academic council met to discuss a resolution. They are happy to announce a new grading policy for current undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Spring 2020 Semester, cycle 2 (for graduate students), who are impacted by COVID-19. Students may choose to:

  • Continue to earn letter grades for all courses.


  • Select a pass/fail option for any or all courses.

Please note, if a student would like to choose the pass/fail option for any course, he/she must:

  • Send an email to the faculty member teaching the course with a cc to where:
  • Subject line: Pass/Fail followed by Course code and Course name
  • Content:

    Dear professor,
    I would like to request my final grade in the “Course Code xxxxx – course Title XXXXXX” to be Pass/Fail type.

Also note:

  • Your professor’s course level grading rubric and expectations for learning still apply. To earn a “pass” grade you must earn the equivalent of a passing letter grade.
  • Attendance Policy is applied i.e., students having accumulated 25% absences will get FNA.

We ask that you do the best you can to sustain your own learning, to support the learning of others and engage with your professors and the larger CUD community.

Best wishes on a successful semester

The following services will continue to serve our students online:

Registration Services

Students can send requests through their official student email address to All requests will be responded to within three days.

The following requests/inquiries can be made through the ticketing system:

  • Registration (Add/Drop classes)
  • Letter requests
  • Attendance and absences
  • Grades inquiries
  • General inquiries

Finance Services

Please note that upon student request, we can prepare and generate a quotation for both prospective and current students.

Visit Fees / Payment and Bank Details to know more about the modes of payment.

Please make sure to mention your Student ID number and forward a copy of the receipt to when processing a bank transfer.

For Online Payment visit Student Portal Login

You may follow the below steps to gain a better understanding of how online payment processing really works.

  1. To login please enter your student number and your Moodle/Webmail/Lab password.
  2. After selecting your courses for the semester and selecting the Process Registration function, click on the Ledger button from the menu on the left of the student portal.
  3. At the bottom of the total, click on Pay by Credit Card
  4. Select the ‘brand’ of credit card you intend to use (this will be seen on the card itself in the form of either the Visa or MasterCard logos)
  5. Enter the amount and then select Continue to Make Payment
  6. On the page that follows, check that the amount to be paid is right.
  7. Click Verify and Continue to Secure Payment Form
  8. Fil in your card information
  9. Click Pay (You may be asked a further validation question from the bank itself or OTP)

You can address all your queries to

Note: A Canadian University Dubai Employee will never request your Bank account information, credit card details and password over the phone or email.

Student Services

As student life will become more online based, follow canadianuniversitydubai on Instagram for contests, activities, and virtual music and sporting events and palm_maple for posts related to personal, social, and professional development. For further information about upcoming online activities and games, contact

For scholarship services, email for inquiries and applications. Also, please visit Scholarships for criteria and guidelines to apply.

Our Health Center will continue to ensure your safety and wellness by continuing to provide primary healthcare services, education on wellness and disease prevention, and insurance information. Contact Kim Fabillon or Chennee Tolintino at for your health-related inquiries.

Career services will continue to provide online support to students to allow students to grow professionally. Email May El Khoury at for assistance in securing internships, CV writing, part-time or full-time work, and volunteering opportunities.

For personal counseling or concerns related to academic success, personal growth, and mental or socio-emotional well-being, contact Raneem Nageeb at to set up a phone or video call. In addition, if you require special accommodations in your courses anytime throughout the semester, please remain in contact with Raneem to make adjustments as necessary in order for you to reach your full potential.

Library Online support

You can access the library resources online and get eBooks, articles, company reports, country reports, online journals, cases electronically for free straight away. Access these online resources through “One search “ and you can filter the search result as per your needs LRC

Guide on How to Access CUD LRC Resources

This guide will provide you an information on how to find scholarly resources like ebooks, online articles, online magazines, how to find company report, industry report and other electronic resources. Open the link and follow the step-by-step instruction LRC Resources

You will require to login, using your university login username & password. Off campus access guide click here Libguides

If you have any difficulty accessing the resources you can reach us at or 04 7096260 we are open from Sunday-Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm.

ICT Department

Information and Communication Technology is available to support students on technical issues related to online learning.  

You can reach us

By phone: +971 4 709 6 222
By email:

Our hours of operation are

Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Friday: 9am - 3pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm.