Canadian University Dubai students present ‘Agri-Connect’ at GITEX Global 2023 | IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings


October 14th, 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: A student team within the School of Engineering, Applied Sciences, and Technology; at Canadian University Dubai showcased and presented their project ‘Agri-Connect’ at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) Global Dubai 2023 from October 14th – 18th, 2023, at Dubai World Trade Centre. The theme of GITEX this year is to ‘Imagine Artificial Intelligence in Everything’. The Agri-Connect CUD student team was selected to exhibit at GITEX following the ‘Future Disruptors Program 2023’ competition by Software AG. The competition entrants comprised of 12 other projects, and after competing against several universities in the UAE, the Agri-Connect team achieved a guaranteed rank in the top 3. The ‘Agri-Connect’ student project was a collaborative effort by a team of Computer Engineering and Computational Science students: Yasmine Sadek, Moustafa Sherif, Ayman Samsudeen, and recent graduate Adel Yousefi. 

GITEX is held annually in Dubai and stands as one of the region's most significant and impactful technology events, welcoming thousands of participants from across the globe. The event offers a platform of exhibitions, shows, workshops, and conferences, to build global connections and international collaborations. The world's largest technology exhibition expanded even further this year into over 40 exhibition halls that hosted leading tech giants and pioneering startups. 

Speaking about the Agri-Connect team's participation at GITEX, Adel Yousefi, a recent graduate from CUD’s Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics program said: “Presenting alongside Software AG was a transformative experience! The innovative atmosphere was distinct, and the invaluable connections I built are worthy. Engaging with potential collaborators opened new horizons for our project, providing both validation and vital feedback. These relationships and insights will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of our future endeavours.”

The student project 'Agri-Connect,' which gained significant attention at GITEX, created Internet-of-Things (IoT) based solutions to improve the overall health and efficiency of residential and commercial building operations. The concept of Smart buildings incorporates advanced sensors and cameras, enabling residents to assess the greenery, occupants, and the building's general well-being through the application of artificial intelligence and innovative technology. The project blends elements of urban architecture, Smart agriculture, and Smart cities, with the ultimate goal of creating intelligent and responsive Smart buildings.

Moustafa Sherif, a team member of the Agri-Connect project, and a student in CUD’s Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security program, continued: “It was a fantastic experience to present our project, ‘Agri-Connect’ at GITEX. We thank Software AG for selecting our project and supporting the Agri-Connect prototype, allowing it to be featured at GITEX. It was wonderful to have a venue like GITEX where we could highlight the effort our team had put into the project. Making a ton of connections with professionals from many industries was one of the most significant things I experienced, it was an eye-opening experience to speak with workplace professionals of all backgrounds and perspectives. Having this experience has greatly influenced the way I view my future professional goals and ambitions.”

After GITEX, on October 19th, 2023, the ‘Agri-Connect’ team attended a Gala Dinner at the Sofitel Hotel in Dubai. During this event, the rankings for the top three projects were announced, with CUD's Agri-Connect team securing 3rd position.

Dr. Rita Zgheib, Coordinator of the Computer Science program and Software Design Program said: “By participating in the competition and presenting their interdisciplinary project at GITEX, CUD students have illuminated the extraordinary potential of technology. Their project, seamlessly integrating AI, IoT, and smart city concepts, is a testament to the transformative force it holds in both agriculture and architecture. Their achievement is a beacon of inspiration for innovators and a testament to the boundless impact of collaboration and ingenuity.” 

Canadian University Dubai congratulates the team of Computer Engineering and Computational Science students!