Math Placement Test

  • Photographic ID such as driving license, Emirates ID or passport are necessary to take placement tests. Please ensure you bring ID with you on the day of the test.
  • Please make sure you have a calculator (Non-programmable).

Contact CONED <> for additional Math placement testing outside these hours

Practice Tests

Dept Crs ID Section Course Name Offer Days Start Date End Date Time From Time To
MATH TEST   20-04 MATH Placement Test Thursday   20-Apr-23   20-Apr-23   3:00PM   4:59PM
MATH TEST   04-05 MATH Placement Test Thursday   4-May-23   4-May-23   3:00PM   4:59PM
MATH TEST   11-05 MATH Placement TEST Thursday   11-May-23   11-May-23   12:00PM   1:59PM
MATH TEST   25-05 MATH Placement Test Thursday   25-May-23   25-May-23   12:00PM   1:59PM
Dept Crs ID Section Course Name Offer Days Start Date End Date Time From Time To
MATH TEST   03-07 MATH Placement TEST Monday   3-Jul-23   3-Jul-23   10:00AM   11:59AM
MATH TEST   06-07 MATH Placement TEST Thursday   6-Jul-23   6-Jul-23   12:00PM   1:59PM
MATH TEST   13-07 MATH Placement TEST Thursday   13-Jul-23   13-Jul-23   12:00PM   1:59PM
MATH TEST   17-07 MATH Placement TEST Monday   17-Jul-23   17-Jul-23   10:00AM   11:59AM
MATH TEST   24-07 MATH Placement TEST Monday   24-Jul-23   24-Jul-23   10:00AM   11:59AM
MATH TEST   31-07 MATH Placement TEST Monday   31-Jul-23   31-Jul-23   10:00AM   11:59AM
MATH TEST   07-08 MATH Placement TEST Monday   7-Aug-23   7-Aug-23   10:00AM   11:59PM
MATH TEST   10-08 MATH Placement TEST Thursday   10-Aug-23   10-Aug-23   12:00PM   1:59PM
MATH TEST   14-08 MATH Placement TEST Monday   14-Aug-23   14-Aug-23   10:00AM   11:00AM
MATH TEST   17-08 MATH Placement TEST Thursday   17-Aug-23   17-Aug-23   12:00PM   1:59PM
MATH TEST   21-08 MATH Placement TEST Monday   21-Aug-23   21-Aug-23   10:00AM   11:59AM
MATH TEST   23-08 MATH Placement TEST Wednesday   23-Aug-23   23-Aug-23   12:00PM   1:59PM
MATH TEST   24-08 MATH Placement TEST Thursday   24-Aug-23   24-Aug-23   12:00PM   1:59PM
MATH TEST   28-08 MATH Placement TEST Monday   28-Aug-23   28-Aug-23   10:00AM   11:59AM
MATH TEST   31-08 MATH Placement TEST Thursday   31-Aug-23   31-Aug-23   12:00PM   1:59PM
MATH TEST   04-09 MATH Placement TEST Monday   4-Sep-23   4-Sep-23   10:00AM   11:59AM
MATH TEST   07-09 MATH Placement Test Thursday   7-Sep-23   7-Sep-23   12:00PM  1:59PM
MATH TEST   11-09 MATH Placement Test Monday   11-Sep-23   11-Sep-23   10:00AM   11:59AM
MATH TEST   14-09 MATH Placement Test Thursday   14-Sep-23   14-Sep-23   12:00PM   1:59PM
MATH TEST   21-09 MATH Placement Test Thursday   21-Sep-23   21-Sep-23   12:00PM   1:59PM
MATH TEST   28-09 MATH Placement Test Thursday   28-Sep-23   28-Sep-23   12:00PM   1:59PM