Graduate Admissions Policy

Admission to a specific program of study implies admission to Canadian University Dubai; however, admission to a particular program does not imply automatic admission to any other program of study. For all admissions to Canadian University Dubai, prospective students must hold the minimum university general admission requirements, as well as all the additional admission requirements specific to their chosen program of study.

For applicants not meeting all of the requirements, admission is conditional to these requirements, or their established equivalent, being met within prescribed time periods and subject to conditions clearly outlined below.

General Admission requirements for Master’s level programs:

  1. Completion of a recognized baccalaureate in a discipline appropriate for the Master’s degree. A higher Diploma is not equivalent to a baccalaureate degree and does not qualify an applicant for admission to master’s programs. *
  2. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.0 scale, or its established equivalent, in the applicant’s baccalaureate degree program.
  3. For programs taught in English, a minimum TOEFL score of 550 on the Paper-Based or 79 on the Internet-Based test, or its equivalent in a standardized English language test, such as 6.0 IELTS or a 51 on the PTE-A, or any other internationally recognized test approved by the Commission, with the following exceptions:
    • A native speaker of English who has completed his/her undergraduate education in an English-medium institution and in a country where English is the official language.
    • An applicant with an undergraduate qualification from an English medium institution who can provide evidence of acquiring a minimum TOEFL score 500 on the Paper-Based test, or its equivalent on another standardized test approved by the Commission, at the time of admission to his/her undergraduate program.

(*) For admission in the Master in IT Management & Governance, only applicants holding Engineering / IT / Business related certificates will be considered.

Conditional Admission Requirements for Master’s level programs:

  1. A student with recognized baccalaureate degree with a cumulative grade point average below 3.00 on a 4.0 scale, or its equivalent, and who meets the English language competency requirements for general admission, may be admitted conditionally to a Master’s program. Such a student must meet the following requirements during the period of conditional admission or be subject to dismissal.
    • Must achieve an overall grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.0 scale, or its established equivalent, in the first nine credit hours of credit-bearing courses studied for the Master’s program.

Additional Program Admission Requirements: Panel Interview

Offers of admission are adjudicated by a panel consisting of two (2) Graduate School faculty members from different program specialties, the Program Chair, and a representative of the Office of the Registrar, as a result of the following process:

  1. Once the deadline for submission of applications has passed, a first screening by the panel establishes lists of applicants for further consideration for either admission or conditional admission.
  2. Selected applicants complete a panel interview.
  3. Offers of admission are made on the basis of the interview’s outcome, which includes academic record excellence and suitability as an objective assessment criterion.

The Panel Interview is conducted by the Program Chair and the two Graduate School faculty members. It lasts 30 minutes and follows a standard protocol captured by the Graduate Interview Form. Its aim is to determine the applicant’s:

  1. Oral and written language proficiency and communication skills (applicants are invited to speak about themselves and their career goals in relation to their choice to enrol in an MBA program; they are also asked to write a short essay).
  2. Motivation and engagement;
  3. Rationale for the choice of major;
  4. Prospect for successful completion of the program.

The interview culminates with a panel recommendation for full acceptance, or conditional acceptance, or acceptance in the pre-MBA/pre-MIT program or further consideration after submission of additional material, or rejection. This recommendation is based on an objective eight-point assessment, including academic record; communication skills, motivation, etc. (see Graduate Interview Form in Appendix 5 for details).


Applicants may be admitted to the Pre-MBA program (e.g., students who have completed an undergraduate university degree in an area other than Business Administration and who meet the admission requirements). Successful completion of six foundations courses automatically yields admission to the MBA program. The six Pre-MBA courses are as follows:

Pre-MBA Courses

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite
MBA 501 Management and Organization Behavior None
MBA 502 Foundations of Business Statistics None
MBA 503 Accounting Foundations None
MBA 504 Economics Foundations None
MBA 505 Marketing Foundations None
MBA 507 Finance Foundations None


All Students admitted in the MITGOV program with an IT, Engineering or Business related degrees must complete and pass the corresponding non-credited pre-MIT program before starting this master program.

Pre-MIT Courses for Non- Business Majors

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite
MIT 501 Foundations of Business Statistics None
MIT 503 IT Infrastructure Platforms & Organization of IS None
MIT 504 Management Foundations None
MIT 506 Economics Foundations None
MIT 507 Financial Management None
MIT 508 Marketing Management None
MIT 510 Operations Management None

Pre-MIT Courses for Business Majors

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite
MIT 501 Foundations of Business Statistics None
MIT 502 Principles of IT None
MIT 503 IT Infrastructure Platforms & Organization of IS None
MIT 505 Management of Information Systems None
MIT 507 Financial Management None
MIT 509 Data Management & Information Systems None

Falsified Admission Documents

Students found to have submitted falsified documents will be dismissed from the University.