Academic staff

Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences

Ms. Buthayna Omar

Department of Communication and Media

Prof. Odekhiren Amaize
Dr. Ghada Abaido
Dr. Pablo Medina Aguerrebere
Dr. Lakhdar Chadli

Department of Environmental Health Sciences

Dr. Ahmad Okasha
Dr. Aseel Takshe

Department of General Education and Language

Dr. Abdalla Abu-Libdeh
Dr. Efthymios Papatzikis
Dr. Joseph Dichy
Dr. Said Baadel
Dr. Taghreed Ibrahim Masri
Ms. Khouloud Al Nounou
Ms. Dima Yousef
Ms. Sanja Jankovic

Department of Social Sciences

Prof. Stefane Mostefa Kabene
Dr. Meriem Kaddouri