All Academic programs at Canadian University Dubai have an English proficiency requirement; we are able to offer a convenient on campus Institutional TOEFL assessment service for all prospective and currently enroled students. The Institutional TOEFL test assesses a students' proficiency level in three different skills — reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and structure and written expression. Tests are carried out on a regular basis and dates are published in advance on our website. Students may also obtain additional information on pricing, timings and apply for the test through the Registration Department.

Dear TOEFL Candidates,

Please be aware of the following:

  • All participants in TOEFL examinations will be scanned by a hand held electronic wand by AMIDEAST Personnel prior to testing. If you select not to be scanned you will have to undertake your test at AMIDEAST who have a policy of scanning all participants prior to testing.
  • On test day, candidates must bring with them an acceptable form of identification such as a passport, Emirates ID or a Canadian University Student ID Card. Candidates who fail to present one of these acceptable forms of identification will not be allowed to sit in the exam. Documents must be original, copies will not be accepted. Documents must be original, copies will not be accepted.
  • TOEFL tests may be postponed if there are insufficient participant numbers.
  • TOEFL test administered in the Canadian University Dubai can only be used for admission to this University.
  • Please Turn up at least 30 minutes prior to the published exam start time.

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